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Reporter Adenovirus Particles

Reporter genes encode proteins that can be easily detected and thus are widely used as markers for screening successfully transfected / transduced cells, for determining optimal conditions to achieve better transfection / transduction efficiencies, and for studying gene expression and regulation mechanisms in living cells.

Creative Biogene provides adenovirus particles expressing various reporter genes including GFP, RFP, mCherry and luciferase etc. These prepackaged adenoviruses are produced from our proprietary adenovirus expression platform which is based on human serotype 5 adenoviral backbone with E1 and E3 deletion. Our premade adenoviruses can be used as transduction controls to determine optimal multiplicity of infection (MOI) during infection of your target cell. We also provide in vivo grade of reporter expressing adenoviral particles purified by ultracentrifugation.

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For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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