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Retrovirus Service

Retrovirus Service

Creative Biogene is pioneering in the development of retroviral technology with years of experience. Retrovirus is a highly efficient approach to deliver genes of interest for stable expression into a broad range of dividing mammalian cells. We aim to provide valuable research tools to researchers from all over the world. Our team use improved technologies that can increase the success rate of your retrovirus expression studies. These technologies include highly efficient retroviral packaging cell lines, a rapid retroviral vector construction, and a way that can significantly increase the transduction rate of your retroviral vector into a variety of cell types.

Retroviral vectors are engineered to transfer and integrate target genetic material into the genomes of host cells. Retroviruses have several distinct advantages over other vectors, especially when permanent gene transfer is the preferred outcome. Some disadvantages of retroviruses are that they can only transduce dividing cells, and that they integrate somewhat arbitrarily into genome which has the potential to lead to oncogenesis. Creative Biogene retrovirus vectors are produced in compliance with GLP standards. The retroviral vector provides high-level expression of a variety of inserted genes, like cytokines, receptors, enzymes, and growth factors etc.


  1. Gene delivery into dividing cells
  2. Stable cell line generation
  3. In vivo animal tests

Retrovirus Service


Creative Biogene’s retrovirus service has the following features:

  1. One-stop solution: from DNA synthesis to retrovirus production
  2. Offer custom construction of retrovirus vectors with different promoters or tags
  3. Produce high titer retrovirus particles suitable for in vitro cell experiments or in vivo animal tests
  4. Fast turnaround time: typically in a few of weeks to save your precious time for research
  5. Cost-saving: provide high quality retrovirus particles with competitive price

The Service includes

Retrovirus Service

Creative Biogene provides service for the entire retrovirus vector construction and virus packaging process, which includes:

  1. Synthesize your gene of interest/shRNA
  2. Clone gene of interest/shRNA into appropriate retrovirus transfer vector
  3. Package retrovirus in HEK293T cells
  4. Retrovirus purification and titration


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