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Brachypodium distachyon Transformation Service

Plant transformation PlatformCB was established to support clients' projects that utilize genetic engineering and plant cell culture. The platform is set up to provide plant transformations on a fee-based service for global researchers and commercial users. Based on years of experience in transformation of grass family, we offer Agrobacterium-mediated Brachypodium distachyon transformation service.

Brachypodium distachyon is a small, fast-growing and easy-to-cultivate species that exhibits natural variation in many important features, such as flowering time, vernalization responses, polyploidy and seed size. It serves as is an excellent model organism for functional genomics research in temperate grasses, cereals, and dedicated biofuel crops. It has all of the biological traits required for a model system, including small stature, short life cycle, small genome (~270Mbp), simple growth requirements, and a close relationship to major crop plants (cereals). Agrobacterium-mediated transformation systems have been developed for inbred of B. distachyon lines Bd21.

Flow chart for Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of B. distachyon. Figure 1. Flow chart for Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of B. distachyon.

Workflow of B. distachyon transformation

  • GOI construction
  • Transform plasmid into suitable Agrobacterium strain
  • Plant materiel preparation
  • Immature embryo isolation
  • Embryogenic callus induction
  • Agrobacterium infection and co-cultivation
  • 1st and 2st selection
  • Regeneration and rooting


  • Expression vector construction for overexpression, knockdown and knockout
  • B. distachyon inbred line B21 transformation service
  • Genome editing service
  • Tissue culture related service
  • Genotype and phenotype analysis

Creative Biogene offers B. distachyon transformation and genome editing service.


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