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Recombinase Lentiviral Particles

Genome-editing technologies have become efficient tools that allow researchers to rapidly and easily introduce site-specific mutations, or insertions, or deletions into the genomes of a wide type of cells. Recombinases are a type of nucleases that can lead to site-specific double-strand breaks (DSBs) at target locations in the genome. Recombinases most commonly used in genome editing include Cas9 protein, Cre recombinase and optimized FLP recombinase (FLPo). Isogenic cell lines and animal models created using these genome editing technologies can be used for studying human disease and promoting exciting new possibilities for human gene therapy.

Creative Biogene is providing recombinase lentiviral particles that are ready-to-use in genome editing experiments. Recombinase is expressed under CMV or EF1a or CAG or human synapsin promoter, with a fluorescent marker and / or an antibiotic marker. These prepackaged lentiviruses have passed our internal Q&C and will be delivered to customers in high quality.

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For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.