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Custom Gene Expression Cell Lines

Brief Introduction

The overexpression of proteins is critical for many applications, including studying the function of the gene, and in functional assays and screens. Mammalian cells offer advantages in post-translational modification and protein folding that are crucial in the production of eukaryotic proteins such as antibodies, recombinant proteins etc. Stable cell lines overexpressing specific proteins have integrated GOI in the genome and are costly and vital assets for life science research.

Although the production of such protein-expressing cell lines is very important to a lot of research applications, it can be a challenge since it requires extensive cell culture experience and expertise. Our scientists bring years of extensive experience in generation of stable cell lines. Creative Biogene provide services for generation of stable cell lines that can overexpress virtually any protein of interest in your cell line of choice. Customers can provide their own expression cassette or choose from our extensive ORF clone collection.

Custom Gene Expression Cell Lines

Our services include:

• Construct generation

Construct your gene of interest into either a suitable mammalian expression vector or a lentiviral vector followed by producing high titer lentivirus.

Based on your requirements we choose the best strategy and corresponding vector system.

• Stable cell clones selection

Perform transfection or transduction on target cells and select stable cell clones.

• Gene expression evaluation

Evaluate the gene expression in stable cell clones via one or several assays such as Western Blot, ELISA, real-time PCR, or reporter assays etc.

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