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Custom miRNA Microarray Service

Creative Biogene is a biotechnology company specializing in custom miRNA microarray service. Creative Biogene's sophisticated equipments, advanced technologies and highly experienced staffs are available to assist you with the completely customized miRNA microarrays. Creative Biogene’s top priorities are to streamline the platform processes or work with you to design a microarray that meets your specific needs. Creative Biogene is confident in providing you with the most affordable, high-quality custom miRNA microarray service in a short turnaround time.

Custom miRNA Microarray Service

microRNAs (miRNAs) are a large family of ~22 nucleotides long RNA molecules that are widely expressed in eukaryotes. Complex genomes encode at least hundreds of miRNAs, which primarily inhibit the expression of a vast number of target genes post-transcriptionally. A growing body of evidence suggests that miRNAs have pivotal roles in normal cellular processes (differentiation, proliferation and cell death) and stress response, as well as implicating their involvement in cancer and other pathological conditions. This means that miRNAs may serve as biomarker for diseases and prognosis. Thus, it is important to understand the expression and functions of miRNAs under different conditions.

Three major approaches have been employed to profile miRNA expression: real-time PCR, microarray, and deep sequencing. Among these, the technique of miRNA microarray is widely used because of the advantage of being high-throughput, generally less expensive, and most of the experimental and analysis steps can be carried out in a molecular biology laboratory at most universities, medical schools and associated hospitals. With in-depth study of miRNAs, the premade miRNA microarray cannot meet the specific needs of researchers. Creative Biogene, as a leading biotechnology company, possesses extensive expertise and experience which is able to provide custom miRNA microarray service. Creative Biogene’s goal is to provide you with the most affordable and high-quality custom miRNA microarray service to ensure your satisfaction in a timely and professional manner.

Features of Creative Biogene’s custom miRNA microarray service:

  • We focus on quality assurance followed by quality control process of microarray design.
  • Maximum flexibility in microarray content and format
  • Highest level of coverage, uniformity, specificity and sensitivity
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Cost-effective

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