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Virus Bank Characterization Service

Creative Biogene offers a broad range of virus bank characterization service for biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceutics and pre-clinic/clinic products. Combining the latest instruments and technique, our experienced staff and leading-edge molecular biology labs will provide a precise and trusted testing result for virus bank characterization. Considering virus bank characterization is on a case-by-case basis, our skilled and knowledgeable virologists will assist you in making a plan and subsequent test analysis to meet your need.

The virus bank, which consists of master viral bank and working viral bank, is an important part of manufacturing a biological product, such as vaccine, recombinant protein. A master viral bank is the base of reproducible testing and production of recombinant virus for products, while working viral bank is a tool to amplify and produce the products. To ensure the characterization of virus bank is a quality assurance of subsequent process. Thus, characterization of virus bank is vital to assure the safety of virus-derived biopharmaceutical products. The objective of virus bank characterization is to confirm identity, purity, genetic stability.

Virus Bank Characterization Service

According to the guideline of regulatory agencies, Creative Biogene has various assays available for virus bank characterization, including but not limited to PCR-based assay and neutralizing antiserum-based assay. Tests are performed for safety, purity and potency of virus bank, including identity, titer, genetic characterization and adventitious agents testing. Both routine testing and custom testing are available for virus bank characterization.

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