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Integrase-Deficient Lentivirus (IDLV) Service


Lentiviruses are powerful tools that have been widely used to efficiently transduce both replicating and quiescent cells. The regular lentiviruses are well-known for possessing the ability to stably integrate into their target cell genomes as proviruses.

Integrase-deficient lentivirus (IDLV), also known as non-integrating lentivirus (NILV), is a novel technology derived from the regular integrating lentivirus. The major difference between regular lentiviruses and IDLVs is that the former can integrate into cell chromosomes while the latter can not. Lentiviral integrase is a critical protein for virus integrating into the target cell genomic DNA.

The integration deficiency effect of IDLVs is caused by loss-of-function mutations in the lentiviral integrase protein. Without the help of integrase, the proviral DNA can not insert into cell genome but exist as non-replicating episomes in transduced cells. With cell dividing, the extrachromosomal proviral DNA are gradually diluted and lost.

Compared with integrating lentiviruses, IDLVs provide scientists with an opportunity to reduce the risk of insertional mutagenesis.

Creative Biogene is offering high quality IDLV production service. Combined with our biological synthesis platform, we can provide you with a comprehensive service starting from the DNA synthesis, construction of a lentiviral expression plasmid with a promoter or reporter of interest, to final virus production. Creative Biogene are able to deliver high titer IDLVs which are concentrated and purified via ura-centrifugation for in vivo animal injections. So far we have serviced a large number of clients distributed in many countries.


  • Transient gene expression in dividing cells and stable expression in nondividing cells
  • Gene editing experiments without genomic trace of editing tools, which can reduce influence on the original cell phenotype and viability
  • Off-target analyses of the ZFN, TALEN, CRISPR/Cas9 systems via IDLV capture technology
  • Gene therapy studies


  • Integration service from DNA synthesis to virus production
  • Custom-tailoredn lentiviral transfer plasmid to fit each specific project
  • VSV-G pseudotyped lentiviruses enabling broad cell tropism
  • High titer for animal injection use, up to 10^10 TU/mL
  • Reduced risk of insertional mutagenesis
  • Time and cost saving

The Service includes

  • Synthesizing DNA sequence of interest
  • Custom construction of IDLV transfer plasmid
  • IDLV packaging by co-transfection of the transfer and packaging plasmids
  • IDLV harvest, purification and titration


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