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Bioproduction Stable Cell Line Development


Bioproduction Stable Cell Line Development

Stable cell lines are the preferred expression systems for producing recombinant proteins, especially for producing large, complex proteins with post-translational modifications. The most common mammalian cell line used for recombinant protein production is the Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell line. A large portion of recombinant biopharmaceutical proteins is involved in utilizing CHO-based cell expression system such as rituximab, epoetin alfa, alteplase etc. Other mammalian cell lines, such as BHK21, NS0, Sp2/0, HEK293 and HT-1080, have also been reported for use in recombinant protein production.

However, it is not easy to develop a stable cell line that maintains ideal growth and productivity characteristics. There are many factors that can influence the bioproduction level including vector expression elements, vector delivery efficiency, screening system etc. This imposes very significant costs and time in the development of a desirable bioproduction stable cell line.

Leading Capability

As an unmatched global provider of life science services and products, Creative Biogene offers comprehensive services for generating bioproduction stable cell lines. Our service scope covers all steps of stable cell line generation, from the first gene synthesis to the final delivery of high-producing cell clones.

To improve the production rate of recombinant proteins and the selection efficiency, combined with our genome editing platform, Creative Biogene has developed our own mammalian cell expression systems including cells based on glutamine synthetase (GS) selection and cells based on dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) selection. These cells have been optimized using our gene-editing technologies, and have been adapted to suspension culture in high density. Compared with traditional expression systems, adopting these engineered mammalian cells can significantly improve the success rate of achieving high-yield cell clones and reduce the timeline of the whole process development.

Creative Biogene has extensive experience at generating bioproduction stable cell lines which includes gene synthesis with 100% acuracy, robust vector design and construction, gene delivery with high efficiency, rapid screening of positive clones, rigorous Q&C system etc. For choosing Creative Biogene as your partner on developing bioproduction stable cell lines, customers can use our self-developed and well-defined cell expression systems or provide cells of your own.


  • - Antibody, enzyme, cytokine, hormone and other recombinant protein production
  • - Stable and small scale protein production for research use
  • - Stable and large scale protein production for industrial manufacturing


  • - Full service scope and start at any stage upon request
  • - Flexible options on expression systems: GS or DHFR-based expression system or others
  • - Highly qualified experts with decades of experience
  • - High project success rate >90%
  • - Deliver high-yield cell clones, detailed service report and provide technical support
  • - Cost-efficient & fast turnaround

Full Service Workflow

Bioproduction Stable Cell Line Development

  • - Gene synthesis with codon optimized sequences
  • - Transient expression tests and optimization
  • - Stable transfection and screening
  • - Identification and characterization of high-yield cell clones
  • - Production process development


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