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Bromodomain Screening and Profiling

Creative Biogene is a biotechnology company which has the expertise to provide you with Bromodomain Screening and Profiling services. Creative Biogene’s top priorities are to streamline the platform processes or work with you to design a process that meets your specific needs and accelerate your drug discovery program. Creative Biogene offers a rapid, flexible profiling and screening service for potential inhibitors of all bromodomains (BRD), such as the BET family or any combination of bromodomains relevant to your discovery programs. With Creative Biogene’s unique and proprietary process, we can quickly identify the potential therapeutics and narrow down a large pool of candidates to a much smaller one.

A bromodomain (BRD) is an approximately 110 amino acid protein domain that can recognize and bind to the acetylated lysine residues, such as the N-terminal tails of histones. The bromodomain itself adopts an all-α protein fold, a bundle of four alpha helices. (Filippakopoulos P. et al. 2014) Bromodomains, as the "readers" of histone code, are responsible in transducing the signal carried by acetylated lysine residues and translating it into various normal or abnormal phenotypes. With the development of small molecule bromodomain inhibitors, the role of bromodomains in translating a deregulated cell acetylome into disease phenotypes was recently unveiled. This breakthrough discovery indicates that bromodomain-containing proteins act as key players in cancer biology, as well as inflammation and remyelination in multiple sclerosis. (Filippakopoulos P. et al. 2014) Other reports also indicate that bromodomains might be exploited as therapeutic targets in cancer, inflammation and neurological diseases. (Grunwald C. et al. 2006, Rajendrasozhan S. et al. 2009, Saura CA et al. 2011)

With years of professional experience in the bromodomain field, Creative Biogene can provide you an effective screening approach with high sensitivity, high reproducibility and quick turnaround identify your compounds. Creative Biogene is a reliable partner that can work with you to accelerate the speed to achieve your research goals.

If you have any special requirements in bromodomain screening and profiling, please feel free to contact us at or 1-631-626-9181. We are looking forward to working together with your attractive projects.


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