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ASO in vivo Testing Service

Creative Biogene is a leading biotechnology company which has the expertise and ability in providing antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) in vivo testing service for customers worldwide. Creative Biogene's sophisticated equipments, advanced technologies and highly experienced staffs are available to provide you with the comprehensive ASO in vivo testing service, including the analysis of ASO effect, ASO duration of action and toxicity. Creative Biogene’s goal is to provide you with the most affordable, high-quality ASO in vivo testing service to ensure your satisfaction in a timely and professional manner.

An antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) is a single-stranded deoxyribo-nucleotide (typically 20 bp in length) that hybridizes with the complementary mRNA in a sequence-specific manner via Watson–Crick base pairing. Hybridization of ASO to the target mRNA can result in specific inhibition of gene expression by various mechanisms, such as induction of RNase H endonuclease activity that leads to the degradation of target mRNA, translational arrest by steric hindrance of ribosomal activity, interference with mRNA maturation by inhibiting splicing and destabilization of pre-mRNA in the nucleus. The ASO is not only a useful tool for studies of gene with unknown function and for target validation, but also highly valuable as a novel therapeutic agents to treat disease that is linked to dysregulated gene expression.

In order to be useful in human therapy, antisense oligonucleotides must be able to enter the target cells, avoid digestion by nucleases and not cause dangerous side-effects. After decades of development, various chemical modifications have been developed to enhance nuclease resistance, prolong tissue half-life, increase affinity and potency and reduce non-sequence-specific toxicity. However, after effective theoretical design or even in vitro screening, the candidate ASOs may not be effective in the in vivo experiment. In addition, we also need to consider another factor, the toxicity of ASOs. In general, ASO drugs produce dose-dependent, transient and mild-to-moderate toxicities manifested in rodents, primates and humans. Therefore, it is important to perform ASO in vivo testing to assess the ASOs effect, toxicity, etc.

With years of development, Creative Biogene can provide you the comprehensive ASO in vivo testing (including the analysis of ASO effect, ASO duration of action and toxicity) with advanced testing platform, quick turnaround, and uncompromising quality results to provide you comprehensive data to select the best candidate sample. Creative Biogene is a reliable partner that can work with you to accelerate the speed to achieve your research goals. If you have any special requirements in ASO in vivo testing, please feel free to contact us at or 1-631-626-9181. We are looking forward to working together with your attractive projects.


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