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RNAi Service

RNAi service

Creative Biogene has built-up leading scientific, technical and commercial track records, successfully advancing therapeutic programs for numerous major industry and academic partners in a wide range of disease areas. With roots as a pioneer of genome-scale RNAi screening and long-standing contributions towards refining best practices in this field, Creative Biogene provides leading functional genomics technologies including RNA interference (RNAi) tools for gene silencing (siRNA, shRNA, miRNA) and cutting-edge systems for gene editing and gene knockout. All RNAi research projects carried out by Creative Biogene are custom-designed to address each client's specific experimental, strategic and budgetary guidelines, while always meeting the highest scientific standards in the field. Creative Biogene has developed a unique expertise of handling all steps involved from dsRNA design and production to fully automated screening and data analysis. RNA Interference (RNAi) is a powerful tool used to effectively regulate gene expression and is critical in the drug discovery process. Knockdown of target genes with RNAi reagents can be used to facilitate the identification and validation of drug targets and to elucidate biochemical and cell signaling pathways. RNAi is a specific, potent, and highly successful approach for loss-of-function studies in virtually all eukaryotic organisms. RNAi also offers the promise of a new, faster, more cost-effective, and more versatile alternative to current transgenic mouse knockout technologies.

RNAi service

Creative Biogene utilizes many different RNAi technologies to achieve robust knockdown and help you understand complex biological systems. The professional technical services of Creative Biogene's RNAi service team can help clients achieve the maximal value of RNAi technology and avoid some experimental errors. Creative Biogene's research team will work with you to develop much more extensive and effective solutions. Creative Biogene has been granted multiple patents on DNA-based, shRNA and miRNA platforms that are popularly used as gene silencing tools. Compared to other shRNA-expressing and miRNA-expressing plasmids, Creative Biogene's platform design allows high-level expression of shRNA and miRNA. Viruses that can integrate into the chromosomes of most host cells are often used to carry shRNA or miRNA for RNAi screening because of their high transduction rates.

Creative Biogene offers custom RNAi services for your scientific research as follows:

  • siRNA, shRNA and miRNA design and synthesis: customer provides target gene name, sequence or GeneBank ID and so on.
  • Choice of shRNA and miRNA vector.
  • siRNA, shRNA and miRNA transfection optimization service.
  • Test of inhibitory effect: the mRNA expression is detected by RT- PCR; the protein expression is detected by Western Blot.
  • Provision of experimental reports RNAi sequence, RT-PCR test report, Western Blot picture and so on.
  • Custom preparation of shRNA and miRNA expressing lentiviral particles, determination of the virus titer and establishment of stable cell lines.

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