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Liposomes in Gene Therapy

Creative Biogene offers liposome-based vectors and engineering services to meet different needs. With an excellent platform, our scientists focus on the development of liposome technology for years. At Creative Biogene, you can expect professional and reliable liposomes services covering from liposome preparation, production, analysis and characterization, and application.

Gene therapy is a therapeutic approach to deliver genetic material into cells to alter their function in entire organism. Genetic materials such as DNA, RNA, when is used as a therapeutic reagent in gene therapy, are required to delivery in sufficient quantities to the correct target sites of action to achieve the desired level of therapeutic effects for the desired timeframe. Liposome is one of promising vectors to deliver a molecular cargo such as DNA for therapeutic benefit. Unlike viral vectors, liposome-based vectors can be designed to actively and safely target specific cell via targeting molecules.

Liposomes in Gene Therapy Fig 1. Non-viral gene delivery via polyplex and lipoplex

Liposomes are considered as an ideal drug-carrier system since their morphology is similar to that of cellular membranes and because of their ability to incorporate various substances. Due to their properties, liposomes deliver not only nucleic acids, but also other targeting ligands, like peptides, antibodies, aptamers, folic acid. The efficacy of liposomes as a carrier system depends on the physicochemical properties of their membranes, the nature of their components, their size, surface charge and lipid organization. Chemical modifications of liposome can efficiently improve their performance in terms of circulation longevity, target-specific delivery, enhanced intracellular penetration, contrast enhancement for image-guided therapy, and stimuli-sensitivity. The success of liposome-mediated gene delivery is a multifactorial issue and well-designed liposomal systems might lead to optimized gene transfection especially in vivo. To date, liposomes with different characters have been applied as drug carriers, such as PEG-bearing liposomes, charged liposomes, stimuli-responsive liposomes.

Liposomes in Gene Therapy Fig 2. Different liposomal designs for targeted drug delivery2

Creative Biogene offers multi-type liposome engineering services for customers. Custom service is welcome as well. Our scientists are dedicated to developing more suitable liposomes for gene delivery.

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