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Custom Cloning Services


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Custom Cloning Services

Recombinant DNA cloning is not always easy to execute and usually time-consuming. Moreover, cloning projects can be complicated owing to issues such as gene toxicity, insert size or large vector, unstable DNA elements or the presence of DNA secondary structures. Creative Biogene has considerable experience in challenging cloning projects and can complete projects efficiently.

Our cloning team can offer customized cloning and sub-cloning services in a preferred choice of vector, starting from RNA, DNA or from the gene sequence. From simple 125 bp constructs to large complex constructs up to 2 Mbp, we have the expertise to deliver an error-free clone that meets your requirements. Examples of these large and complex synthesis capabilities include the creation of the 1.1 Mbp Mycoplasma genome and robust production of synthetic vaccine viruses. Laboratories count on us when synthesizing complex sequences such as those with low and high GC content, tandem repeats, palindromes and homopolymers.

Schematics of Gene Synthesis Process

custom cloning services-1.png

Options Available at Creative Biogene:

  • Cloning of PCR products: Amplification of specific DNA fragments using PCR or gene- amplification by RT-PCR and cloning into a standard vector or into a vector of your choice
  • Sub-cloning of vector inserts: Sub-cloning of DNA fragments into target vectors, e.g. for construction of hybrid genes or for in vivo protein expression
  • TA cloning: Cloning of PCR products into a TA cloning vector
  • Cloning of synthetic genes: De novo synthesis of complete genes or DNA fragments and cloning into a standard vector or a vector of your choice, such as expression vectors
  • Cloning genes from cDNA libraries into vectors of your choice

Product Types

 Standard GenesLarge and Complex Genes
LengthUp to 15 kbUp to 2 million bp
Complexity_High or low GC Repeats
FidelitySequence verifiedSequence verified
Custom VectorAvailableAvailable

Vector Expression Systems Available

Different Tags or Selection Markers

Creative Biogene has more than 100 cloning vectors of different types of tags, including no tag, fluorescent tags, epitope tags, or mammalian selection markers.

  • Fluorescent tags: GFP, RFP, YFP, BFP, Far-red, Cyan,
  • Epitope tags: Flag, His, HA, GST, Myc, FC
  • Mammalian selection markers: puromycin, neomycin, blasticidin, Hygromycin
  • Different promoters: CMV, EF1a

Let us perform the time-consuming project of gene cloning, subcloning and sequence verification. Creative Biogene brings years of experience in molecular biology with state-of-the-art QC to guarantee the quality of custom cloning services.

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