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Virus Purification and Concentration Kits

Viral vectors are widely used in delivering gene in vitro and in vivo. Recombinant viruses are proving to be valuable research tools in molecular biology and have been used successfully in gene delivery systems. By co-transfection of the packaging vectors with the lentiviral expression vector to 293T cells or 293 cells, the crude viral supernatants can be obtained after 48 hours and used for target cell transduction. The viral titer at this step is usually 106-107 TU/ml.

However, higher purity and titers are required for higher gene transduction efficiency and in vivo gene delivery. In addition, various contaminants contained in cell culture supernatant is another concern for the use of in vivo administration. Thus, further purified and concentrated of the crude viral supernatant are needed before use.

With years of experience in research of virus, scientists at Creative Biogene have successfully developed a quick and efficient method to purify and concentrate recombinant retrovirus, lentivirus, adenovirus and AAV. The High-purityTM virus purification and concentration kits help researchers to obtain highly purified and titered virus from crude supernatants. Superior to filter-based purification systems, our column-based method is fast, easy, and effective reducing the purification time to only a few hours.

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