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Material Testing Service

Creative Biogene offers the most comprehensive material testing services for pharmaceutics, biopharmaceutics and pre-clinic/clinic products. We provide a complete and accurate material testing service with high quality results. Our services cover different stages of manufacturing process, including raw material testing service, unprocessed bulk lot release testing, bulk lot release testing and final product release testing. With state-of-the-art technologies and experienced scientists, we have established an excellent platform of material testing. All of the testing services are in accordance to the pharmacopoeia (e.g. EP, USP, JP). Custom service is also available.

Material Testing Service

Material testing is not only a quality control requirement, but also an essential step in manufacturing process. The quality of materials going into manufacture is as crucial as the reliability of the production process. Material testing is an approach to identify, verify and estimate materials. And it helps us to understand and quantify whether this material or treatment is suitable for next step in manufacturing. In addition, material testing helps to ensure the quality of final product and minimize wasted time and costs if the material is unqualified.

Creative Biogene employs various assays for material testing, including but not limited:

  1. Microbiology testing service
  2. Sterility testing service
  3. Endotoxin Detection
  4. Mycoplasma Testing
  5. Replication competent virus testing (retrovirus/lentivirus/adenovirus/adeno-associated virus)
  6. Virus testing
  7. Residual DNA testing
  8. Next generation sequencing
  9. Transmission electron microscopy service

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