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Mutant Library Construction Service

As one of the most competitive biotechnology companies in the world, Creative Biogene has extensive expertise and experience in providing you with custom mutant library construction services. With the help of sophisticated equipments, advanced technologies and highly experienced staffs, Creative Biogene can provide you with a range of mutant libraries construction service, including site-saturation mutagenesis library, alanine scanning library and random mutagenesis library. Creative Biogene’s goal is to provide you with the most affordable and high-quality mutant library construction services to ensure your satisfaction in a timely and professional manner.

Mutant Library Construction Service

A mutant library is a collection of gene variants which can be designed by protein engineering strategies, such as, directed evolution and rational design, semi-rational design. Mutant library construction provides a method to obtain large and diverse proteins with desired complexity. Mutant libraries make it possible to achieve proteins with new properties, such as changes in substrate specificity or increased stability to temperature, organic solvents and / or extreme pH values. They have become powerful, high-throughput tools for optimizing protein structure and function.

Creative Biogene which possesses high-throughput gene synthesis and mutagenesis platform and highly experienced staffs is able to provide the most affordable mutant library construction services with fastest turnaround time to satisfy your downstream needs. Creative Biogene is able to provide the following mutant library construction services for your scientific research:

If you have any special requirements about our mutant library construction services, please feel free to contact us at . We are looking forward to working together with your attractive projects.


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