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Premade mRNA Products

Premade-mRNA-Products.jpgFig.1 Potential therapeutic applications of IVT mRNA. [1]

Messenger RNA (mRNA) is a single-stranded RNA molecule that is complementary to one of the DNA strands of a gene. The mRNA is an RNA version of the gene that transfers the information from the cell nucleus to the cell machinery that makes proteins. During decades of intense research in molecular biology and biochemistry, mRNA has gained great interest as a therapeutic agent. mRNA synthesized by in vitro transcription (IVT) methods, can be sequence optimized to improve translatability into proteins, as well as chemically modified to reduce immunogenicity and increase chemical stability using naturally occurring uridine modifications. In addition, synthetic mRNA also has some other advantages, e.g., the lack of risk for genomic integration, or the expression of the encoded protein in the cytoplasm without the need to cross the nuclear membrane. All these features make IVT mRNA a powerful alternative gene expression system for various applications including regenerative medicine, vaccination, the treatment of hereditary diseases and tumors, and cell engineering.

Creative Biogene, as a leading biotechnology company in the world, is able to offer a series of premade mRNA products to satisfy your various downstream applications. With our sophisticated equipments, advanced technologies and highly experienced staffs, Creative Biogene has confident to provide you with the most affordable and high-quality premade mRNA products to ensure your satisfaction in a timely and professional manner. If you have any special requirements in our mRNA products, please feel free to contact us at . We are looking forward to working together with your attractive projects.

Premade mRNA Products List

Cat.No. Product Name Price
PMRN-0065Human FGF5 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0067Human FGF7 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0092Human BTC mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0117Human CCL4L1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0133Human CCL24 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0135Human CCL26 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0160Human IL22 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0185Human IFNL1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0186Human IFNL2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0203Human CX3CR1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0220Human IL10RA mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0253Human TGFBR3 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0254Human IFNAR1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0280Human PAX4 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0017Human MYB mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0032HHV-1 UL48 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0035Human FOXA3 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0042Human LMX1A mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0052Human HGF mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0072Human FGF12 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0082Human FGF23 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0099Human NRG4 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0106Human PDGFRB mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0131Human CCL22 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0146Human CXCL8 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0153Human IL15 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0171Human CD70 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0200Human CCR8 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0205Human CXCR2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0210Human XCR1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0235Human FAS mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0240Human TNFRSF8 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0250Human BMPR1B mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0260Human BAK1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0267Human TLR1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0285Human PAX9 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0290Human OLA1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0012Human NANOG mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0044Human NEUROD1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0045Human NEUROD2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0046Human NEUROG2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0071Human FGF11 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0080Human FGF21 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0105Human PDGFRA mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0112Human IGF1R mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0114Human CCL1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0139Human IL1B mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0165Human IL27 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0180Human IFNA4 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0232Human IL23R mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0233Human IL27RA mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0248Human AMHR2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0031Human PDX1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0060Human PDGFD mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0078Human FGF19 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0085Human IGFBP1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0095Human HBEGF mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0100Human TGFA mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0110Human FGFR4 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0125Human CCL16 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0132Human CCL23 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0145Human IL7 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0150Human IL12A mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0182Human IFNE mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0199Human CCR7 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0214Human IL3RA mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0239Human TNFRSF4 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0246Human ACVR2B mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0268Human TLR2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0273Human TLR7 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0286Human ERAS mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0293Mouse Tbx5 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0023Human MESP1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0025Human TBX5 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0040Human ISL1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0050Human MITF mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0075Human FGF16 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0091Human AREG mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0093Human EPGN mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0108Human FGFR2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0118Human CCL5 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0143Human IL5 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0144Human IL6 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0168Human IL33 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0211Human IFNLR1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0212Human IL1R1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0238Human TNFRSF1B mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0263Human NFKB2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0278Human PAX2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0279Human PAX3 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0010Human MYC mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0030Human NEUROG3 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0057Human PDGFA mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0064Human FGF4 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0089Human IGFBP5 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0104Human KDR mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0111Human FGFRL1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0158Human IL20 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0161Human IL23A mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0163Human MYDGF mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0178Human TGFB2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0193Human CCR1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0208Human CXCR5 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0218Human IL7R mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0225Human IL15RA mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0243Human ACVR1B mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0265Human PRKCB mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0272Human TLR6 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0002A. marginale mCherry mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0003Firefly Luciferase mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0004Renilla Luciferase mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0029Human MAFA mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0036Human HNF1A mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0070Human FGF10 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0097Human NRG2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0123Human CCL14 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0138Human IL1A mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0190Human CSF2RA mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0191Human CSF3 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0206Human CXCR3 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0257Mouse Tert mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0258Human TP53 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0291Human DCT mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0018Human PECAM1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0038Human ASCL1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0043Human MNX1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0053Human VEGFA mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0063Human FGF3 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0068Human FGF8 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0090Human IGFBP6 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0103Human FLT4 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0140Human IL2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0157Human IL19 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0172Human LTA mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0197Human CCR5 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0204Human CXCR1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0221Human IL11RA mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0226Human IL17RA mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0231Human IL22RA2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0251Human TGFBR1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0261Human YAP1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0271Human TLR5 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0276Human TLR10 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0008Human KLF4 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0015Human FLI1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0033Human FOXA1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0049Human FOS mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0058Human PDGFB mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0066Human FGF6 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0076Human FGF17 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0083Human IGF1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0101Human MET mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0102Human FLT1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0126Human CCL17 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0169Human IL34 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0170Human CD40LG mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0176Human TNFSF8 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0201Human CCR9 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0236Human LTBR mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0237Human TNFRSF1A mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0244Human ACVR1C mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0269Human TLR3 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0270Human TLR4 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0289Human CXCL12 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0022Human MEF2C mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0047Human POU3F2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0069Human FGF9 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0116Human CCL3L1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0119Human CCL7 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0121Human CCL11 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0136Human CCL27 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0151Human IL12B mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0166Human IL31 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0183Human IFNG mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0196Human CCR4 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0230Human IL22RA1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0255Human IFNAR2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0287Human SERPINA1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0294Mouse Gata4 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0028Human GATA4 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0055Human VEGFC mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0061Human FGF1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0062Human FGF2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0081Human FGF22 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0096Human NRG1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0129Human CCL20 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0130Human CCL21 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0148Human IL10 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0149Human IL11 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0155Human IL17A mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0164Human IL26 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0189Human CSF1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0198Human CCRL2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0215Human IL4R mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0216Human IL5RA mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0223Human IL13RA1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0249Human BMPR1A mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0259Human BAX mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0283Human PAX7 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0284Human PAX8 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0001Jellyfish GFP mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0011Human LIN28A mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0021Human MEF2A mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0026Human GATA1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0048Human ZIC1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0051Human TFE3 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0098Human NRG3 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0115Human CCL2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0162Human IL24 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0179Human TGFB3 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0184Human IFNK mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0209Human CXCR6 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0219Human IL9R mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0229Human IL21R mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0234Human CD40 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0264Human PRKCA mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0266Human EIF2AK2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0007Human GLB1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0014Human ETV2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0024Human MYOD1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0034Human FOXA2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0041Human LHX3 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0109Human FGFR3 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0127Human CCL18 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0128Human CCL19 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0134Human CCL25 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0159Human IL21 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0175Human FASLG mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0177Human TGFB1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0194Human CCR2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0195Human CCR3 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0202Human CCR10 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0227Human IL18R1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0228Human IL20RA mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0245Human ACVR2A mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0262Human NFKB1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0288Human ELANE mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0295Mouse Hand2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0296Mouse Pou3f2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0005Gaussia Luciferase mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0027Human GATA3 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0037Human HNF1B mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0039Human FOXA2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0059Human PDGFC mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0074Human FGF14 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0077Human FGF18 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0084Human IGF2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0094Human EREG mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0124Human CCL15 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0141Human IL3 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0188Human IFNW1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0213Human IL2RA mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0247Human ACVRL1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0252Human TGFBR2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0277Human PAX1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0282Human PAX6 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0292Mouse Mef2c mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0019Human RUNX1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0020Human GATA4 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0054Human VEGFB mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0079Human FGF20 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0086Human IGFBP2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0087Human IGFBP3 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0088Human IGFBP4 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0113Human EGFR mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0122Human CCL13 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0147Human IL9 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0154Human IL16 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0156Human IL18 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0173Human LTB mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0174Human TNF mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0181Human IFNB1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0207Human CXCR4 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0217Human IL6R mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0222Human IL12RB1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0224Human IL13RA2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0241Human TNFRSF14 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0242Human ACVR1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0274Human TLR8 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0275Human TLR9 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0006Human POU5F1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0009Human SOX2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0013Human CDH5 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0016Human GATA2 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0056Human VEGFD mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0073Human FGF13 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0107Human FGFR1 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0120Human CCL8 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0137Human CCL28 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0142Human IL4 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0152Human IL13 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0167Human IL32 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0187Human IFNL3 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0192Human ACKR3 mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0256Human TERT mRNAInquiry
PMRN-0281Human PAX5 mRNAInquiry


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