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Next Generation Sequencing

Creative Biogene brings pharmaceutical and biotech companies next generation sequencing service.


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Next Generation Sequencing

Creative Biogene brings pharmaceutical and biotech companies next generation sequencing service. We provide a complete next generation sequencing service from sample preparation and library preparation through sequencing to data analysis. Our staff consists of highly experienced scientists who expert in the use of next generation sequencing and the analysis of raw data. Based on a world-class platform and experienced scientists, Creative Biogene offers a reliable service with results of highest quality. Custom sequencing service is welcome.

Next generation sequencing (NGS), a massively parallel or deep sequencing technique, has revolutionized genomic research. Compare with the first generation sequencing, the next generation sequencing is characterized by high accuracy, fast speed and low cost. So far, there are many NGS platforms involving different sequencing technologies. Although these platforms differ substantial in terms of their engineering, sequencing chemistry, output, accuracy and cost, all of NGS platforms perform sequencing of millions of small fragments of DNA in parallel. As a high-throughput sequencing technique (HTS), next generation sequencing applies to genome sequencing, genome resequencing, epigenome characterization, DNA-protein interactions (ChIP-sequencing) and transcriptome profiling (RNA-seq). Now, next generation sequencing becomes an efficient and effective tool for biosafety testing. Based on the high accuracy and in-depth analysis of nucleic acid, NGS is used for multiple applications including pathogen safety testing and genetic characterization.

Figure 1 Next Generation Sequencing applications in Drug and Food Microbiology and general flow chart


  1. Adventitious agent detection;
  2. Virus seed stock;
  3. Bacterial cell line identification;
  4. Expression vector identification;
  5. Cell substrate genetic stability testing.


  1. Leading-edge technology and expertise;
  2. Affordable costs and cost-effective prices;
  3. Experienced scientist team;
  4. Reliable and high quality data analysis;
  5. Custom service.

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