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miRNA Expression Plasmids

miRNA Expression Plasmids

miRNAs (microRNAs) are critical regulators for target mRNA expression which play an important role in a variety of developmental and physiological processes.  miRNAs are processed from primary transcripts known as pri-miRNA, to short stem-loop structures called pre-miRNA, and finally to functional miRNA.

With years of experience and expertise, Creative Biogene has created a large collection of miRNA expression plasmids including any miRNA in the miRbase. We guarantee strong miRNA expression and allow you to verify and track the expression with a reporter gene.

Creative Biogene provides high-quality miRNA plasmids, please browse our miRNA plasmids collection to find your desired one. Our advanced vector-based miRNA expression plasmids can help to ease the difficulty in your research. These purified and ready to transfect miRNA expression plasmids can be used for a variety of applications to down-regulate gene expression. If you don’t find the gene of your interest in our collection, we can also work for your project with a best price!

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For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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