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Conventional Single-Stranded Adeno-Associated Virus (ssAAV) Service

Creative Biogene has developed the most experienced service of AAV, ranging from small crude scale to the large purified scale. We have the platform to offer the latest generation recombinant AAV stocks optimised for high levels of transgene expression and you can get reliable, reproducible, high purity, high titer vector stocks every time you order. Creative Biogene guarantees custom AAV services suit all your need when it comes to doing scientific research. In recent years, AAV has become increasingly valuable for in vivo studies in animals, and AAV is also currently being tested in human clinical trials. In Creative Biogene we offer AAV cloning and packaging in multiple serotypes.

AAV vectors are currently among the most frequently used viral vectors for gene delivery work. AAV is an excellent tool for gene transfer because:

  1. Very mild immune response
  2. No integration into the host genome
  3. A variety of cell types infection
  4. Tissue specific targeting by serotypes
  5. Genes delivery to both dividing and non-dividing cells
  6. Long-lasting transgene expression


  1. Delivery of cDNA, shRNA and miRNA into both non-dividing and dividing cells
  2. In vivo animal tests


Creative Biogene’s AAV services have the following features:

  1. One-stop solution: from DNA synthesis to AAV production
  2. Offer custom construction of AAV expression plasmid with different promoters or tags
  3. Multiple serotypes are available: AAV1, AAV2, AAV5, AAV6, AAV8 and AAV9
  4. Produce high titer AAV particles suitable for in vitro cell experiments or in vivo animal tests
  5. Fast turnaround time: typically in a few of weeks to save your precious time for research
  6. Cost-saving: provide high quality AAV particles with competitive price

The Service includes

Creative Biogene provides services for the entire AAV vector construction and virus packaging, which includes:

  1. Synthesize your gene of interest or shRNA/miRNA
  2. Clone gene of interest or shRNA/miRNA into appropriate AAV expression plasmid
  3. Co-transfection of AAV expression plasmid and helper plasmids into HEK293 cells to produce recombinant AAV particles with required AAV serotypes
  4. AAV purification and titration


AAV Service


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