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AAV-PHP Particles

Recombinant adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) are commonly used vehicles for in vivo gene transfer and promising vectors for therapeutic applications. However, AAVs that enable efficient and noninvasive gene delivery across defined cell populations are needed. Current gene delivery methods (e.g., intraparenchymal surgical injections) are invasive, and alternatives such as intravenous administration require high viral doses and still provide relatively inefficient transduction of target cells. The most widely used capsid for CNS applications has been AAV9, which isolated from a human heart. Many groups have demonstrated the distribution of transduction following systemic delivery of AAV9 into the heart, skeletal muscle, and the CNS. While AAV9 is unique compared to the many natural capsids that have been vectored in terms of CNS delivery, its efficiency is low even at very high systemic doses.

Compared to naturally occurring capsids, the novel AAV-PHP capsids exhibit markedly improved tropism for cells in the adult mouse central nervous system (CNS), peripheral nervous system (PNS), and visceral organs. AAV-PHP.B and the further evolved AAV-PHP.eB efficiently transduce neurons and glia throughout the CNS; a second variant, AAV-PHP.S, displays improved tropism for neurons within the PNS and organs including the gut2 and heart. Importantly, these capsids target cell populations that are normally difficult to access due to their location (e.g., sympathetic, nodose, dorsal root, and cardiac ganglia) or broad distribution (e.g., throughout the brain or enteric nervous system). Together with the capsid, the genetic cargo (or AAV genome) can be customized to control transgene expression.

As a leader in AAV technology, Creative Biogene is proud to offer ready-to-use viral preparations in the PHP.B, PHP.eB, and PHP.S serotype. These viral vectors undergo quality control, including AAV titering, confirmation of the transfer plasmid with PCR, and purity assessment. Please click on any of the AAV-PHP particles below for a list of our available products. If you have any special requirements, please feel free to contact us.


  1. Challis R C, et al. Widespread and targeted gene expression by systemic AAV vectors: Production, purification, and administration. bioRxiv, 2018: 246405.

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