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SuperKO sgRNA Clones

Our scientists have years of experience at performing gene editing with CRISPR/Cas9. Besides gene knockout cell lines, Creative Biogene is offering a series of sgRNA knockout vectors. Over 2,000 sgRNA plasmids have been constructed with necessary QC report. All sgRNAs have been validated and can be use directly to speed up your experiment.

Creative Biogene offers a wide selection range of sgRNA knockout vectors in stock which can save your precious time and effort of constructing vector. Our premade SuperKO sgRNA vectors are tailor-made to target many different genes respectively. We have successfully constructed a series of knockout cell lines using those sgRNAs.

Besides, we can offer you sgRNA expression vector cloning and construction service that help you to insert the DNA fragment encoding target sgRNA into the plasmid and do sequence validation. You just need to tell us the target gene sequence or Gene ID and the name of the inserted vector, and we will help you to construct the expression vector.


  • All sgRNAs have been validated and can be use directly.
  • Over 2,000 sgRNA plasmids can delivery directly with necessary QC report.
  • Skip the validated process and save the experiment cost.
  • Suitable antibiotic or fluorescent selection maker for stable cell line construction.
  • Strict QC report.

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