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Official Full Name
decapping mRNA 1A
Decapping is a key step in general and regulated mRNA decay. The protein encoded by this gene is a decapping enzyme. This protein and another decapping enzyme form a decapping complex, which interacts with the nonsense-mediated decay factor hUpf1 and may be recruited to mRNAs containing premature termination codons. This protein also participates in the TGF-beta signaling pathway. Alternative splicing of this gene results in multiple transcript variants. [provided by RefSeq, Feb 2014]
DCP1A; decapping mRNA 1A; SMIF; SMAD4IP1; HSA275986; Nbla00360; mRNA-decapping enzyme 1A; decapping enzyme hDcp1a; transcription factor SMIF; DCP1 decapping enzyme homolog A; putative protein product of Nbla00360; Smad4-interacting transcriptional co-activator; DCP1 decapping enzyme homolog A (S. cerevisiae); FLJ21691; SMIF, SMAD4IP1, HSA275986, Nbla00360; mitc1; decapping enzyme; MAD homolog 4 interacting transcription coactivator 1

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