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Official Full Name
interleukin enhancer binding factor 3, 90kDa
This gene encodes a double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) binding protein that complexes with other proteins, dsRNAs, small noncoding RNAs, and mRNAs to regulate gene expression and stabilize mRNAs. This protein was first discovered to be a subunit of the nuclear factor of activated T-cells (NFAT); a transcription factor required for T-cell expression of interleukin 2. NFAT is a heterodimer of 45 kDa and 90 kDa proteins, the larger of which is the product of this gene. These proteins have been shown to affect the redistribution of nuclear mRNA to the cytoplasm. Knockdown of NF45 or NF90 protein retards cell growth; possibly by inhibition of mRNA stabilization. In contrast, an isoform (NF110) of this gene that is predominantly restricted to the nucleus has only minor effects on cell growth when its levels are reduced. Alternative splicing results in multiple transcript variants encoding distinct isoforms.
ILF3; interleukin enhancer binding factor 3, 90kDa; interleukin enhancer binding factor 3, 90kD; interleukin enhancer-binding factor 3; DRBP76; M phase phosphoprotein 4; MPHOSPH4; MPP4; NF90; NFAR 1; M-phase phosphoprotein 4; translational control protein; translational control protein 80; dsRNA binding protein NFAR-2/MPP4; nuclear factor associated with dsRNA; double-stranded RNA-binding protein, 76 kD; nuclear factor of activated T-cells 90 kDa; nuclear factor of activated T-cells, 90 kD; CBTF; DRBF; MMP4; NFAR; NF110; NF90a; NF90b; NFAR2; TCP80; NF110b; NFAR-1; TCP110; NF-AT-90; CBTF, DRBF, MMP4, MPP4, NF90, NFAR, NF110, NF90a, NF90b, NFAR2, TCP80, DRBP76, NF110b, NFAR-1, TCP110, MPHOSPH4, NF-AT-90

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