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Official Full Name
dual specificity phosphatase 23
Protein phosphatase that mediates dephosphorylation of proteins phosphorylated on Tyr and Ser/Thr residues. In vitro, it can dephosphorylate p44-ERK1 (MAPK3) but not p54 SAPK-beta (MAPK10) in vitro. Able to enhance activation of JNK and p38 (MAPK14).
DUSP23; dual specificity phosphatase 23; dual specificity protein phosphatase 23; DUSP25; FLJ20442; VH1-like member Z; VH1-like phosphatase Z; low molecular mass dual specificity phosphatase 3; low-molecular-mass dual-specificity phosphatase 3; VHZ; MOSP; LDP-3; RP11-190A12.1

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