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Official Full Name
cyclin-dependent kinase 11B
PITSLRE, alternatively known as cell division kinase 11 (CDK11), is the result of duplication of the CDK11 gene (1). CDK11A and CDK11B encode nearly identical serine/threonine protein kinases, PITSLREB and PITSLREA respectively, both belonging to the p34C
CDK11B; cyclin-dependent kinase 11B; CDC2L1, cell division cycle 2 like 1 (PITSLRE proteins); CDK11 p46; CDK11 p58; CDK11 p110; PITSLREA; p58 CLK-1; CDC-related protein kinase p58; cell division protein kinase 11B; cell division cycle 2-like protein kina; cdc2l1; im:7142267; zgc:101589; cell division protein kinase 11; cell division cycle 2-like 1 (PITSLRE proteins)

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