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Official Full Name
beta-1,3-glucuronyltransferase 3 (glucuronosyltransferase I)
The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the glucuronyltransferase gene family, enzymes that exhibit strict acceptor specificity, recognizing nonreducing terminal sugars and their anomeric linkages. This gene product catalyzes the formation of the glycosaminoglycan-protein linkage by way of a glucuronyl transfer reaction in the final step of the biosynthesis of the linkage region of proteoglycans.
B3GAT3; beta-1,3-glucuronyltransferase 3 (glucuronosyltransferase I); galactosylgalactosylxylosylprotein 3-beta-glucuronosyltransferase 3; GlcAT I; Beta 1,3 glucuronyltransferase 3; EC; Galactosylgalactosylxylosylprotein 3 beta glucuronosyltransferase 3; GLCATI; GlcUATI; Glucuronosyltransferase I; Sqv 8 like protein; UDP GlcUA:Gal beta 1,3 GalR glucuronyltransferase; glcUAT-I; OTTHUMP00000236456; OTTHUMP00000236457; OTTHUMP00000236459; Sqv-8-like protein; UDP-GlcUA:Gal beta-1,3-Gal-R glucuronyltransferase; fe01c06; CHUNP6865; wu:fe01c06; zgc:112070; 3-glucuronyltransferase 3; beta3-glucuronyltransferase

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