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Official Full Name
This gene encodes a cartilage extracellular protein that is member of the small leucine-rich proteoglycan family. The encoded protein may regulate chondrogenesis by inhibiting transforming growth factor-beta 1-induced gene expression in cartilage. This protein also binds collagen and calcium and may induce collagen mineralization. Polymorphisms in the aspartic acid repeat region of this gene are associated with a susceptibility to osteoarthritis. Alternate splicing results in multiple transcript variants.[provided by RefSeq, Jul 2010]
ASPN; asporin; OS3; PLAP1; PLAP-1; SLRR1C; asporin proteoglycan; asporin (LRR class 1); small leucine-rich protein 1C; periodontal ligament associated protein 1; bgl3; aspnl; wu:fk08c11; zgc:109936; biglycan-like protein 3

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