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Official Full Name
WD repeat domain 36
This gene encodes a member of the WD repeat protein family. WD repeats are minimally conserved regions of approximately 40 amino acids typically bracketed by gly-his and trp-asp (GH-WD), which may facilitate formation of heterotrimeric or multiprotein complexes. Members of this family are involved in a variety of cellular processes, including cell cycle progression, signal transduction, apoptosis, and gene regulation. Mutations in this gene have been associated with adult-onset primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG).
WDR36; WD repeat domain 36; WD repeat-containing protein 36; DKFZp686I1650; GLC 1G; GLC1G; T cell activation WD repeat containing protein; T cell activation WD repeat protein; TA WDRP; TAWDRP; UTP 21; UTP21; WD repeat containing protein 36; WDR 36; OTTHUMP00000158997; OTTHUMP00000223962; OTTHUMP00000223963; T-cell activation WD repeat protein; T-cell activation WD repeat-containing protein; TA-WDRP; zgc:66324; wu:fb33e10

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