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Official Full Name
interleukin 28B (interferon, lambda 3)
Interleukin-28 (IL-28) is a cytokine that comes in two isoforms, IL-28A and IL-28B, and plays a role in immune defense against viruses, including the induction of an "antiviral state" by turning on Mx proteins, 2',5'-oligoadenylate synthetase as well as ISGF3G (Interferon Stimulated Gene Factor 3). IL-28A and IL-28B belong to the type III interferon family of cytokines and are highly similar (in amino acid sequence) to IL-29. Their classification as Interferons is due to their ability to induce an antiviral state, while their additional classification as cytokines is due to their chromosomal location as well as the fact that they are encoded by multiple exons, as opposed to a single exon, as most type-I IFNs are.
Cytokine Zcyto20; IFN lambda 2; IFNL2; IL28A; Interferon lambda 2; Interleukin 28A; ZCYTO20; Il28; IFL-1; IL-28B; INF-alpha; INF-lambda; interleukin-28B; IFN-lambda-3; interleukin 28; interferon alpha; interferon lambda-3; Il28b; interleukin 28B; interleukin 28B (interferon, lambda 3); IFNL3; IL 28B; IL28C; IL-28C; IFN-lambda-4; interleukin 28C; interleukin-28C; cytokine Zcyto22; interferon lambda-4; interferon, lambda 3; interferon, lambda 4

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