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Official Full Name
cell adhesion molecule 3
IGSF4B is a brain-specific protein related to the calcium-independent cell-cell adhesion molecules known as nectins;(see PVRL3; MIM 607147) (Kakunaga et al., 2005 (PubMed 15741237)).
CADM3; cell adhesion molecule 3; nectin-lke 1; TSLC1-like protein 1; nectin-like protein 1; synaptic cell adhesion molecule 3; immunoglobulin superfamily member 4B; immunoglobulin superfamily, member 4B; BIgR; Necl1; Tsll1; Igsf4b; Necl-1; SynCAM3; IGSF4B, immunoglobulin superfamily, member 4B; FLJ10698; Necl 1; nectin like 1; TSLC1-like 1; nectin-like 1; brain immunoglobulin receptor; dendritic cell nectin-like protein 1 short isoform; zgc:136589

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