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Official Full Name
carbonic anhydrase II
Essential for bone resorption and osteoclast differentiation (By similarity). Reversible hydration of carbon dioxide. Can hydrates cyanamide to urea. Involved in the regulation of fluid secretion into the anterior chamber of the eye.
CA 2; CA II; CA-II; CA2; CAC; CAH2_HUMAN; CAII; Car 2; Carbonate dehydratase II; Carbonic anhydrase 2; Carbonic anhydrase B; Carbonic anhydrase C; Carbonic anhydrase II; Carbonic dehydratase; EC; IUB:; CA, HUMAN LIVER; CA1, BOVINE ERYTHROCYTES; CARBONATE DEHYDRATASE; CARBONATE HYDRO-LYASE; CARBONIC ANHYDRASE; PANCREAS, BOVINE; carbonic anhydrase from bovine erythro-cytes; Dehydratase, carbonate; TDX-02; Car2; cb1082; wu:fb50f02; wu:fk91a02; ca2a; zCA2-like a; CAR3

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