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Basic Research    

The genome editing methods have been powerful new tools in laboratory research that help understand basic cellular functions, metabolic processes, immunity, promote the understanding of diseases (especially cancer and cardiovascular, etc.), reproductive medicine, as well as mammalian development, etc. In the labs, genome editing studies of human cells, tissues, embryos, and gametes provide an important way to learn more about human gene function, genome rearrangement, DNA repair mechanisms, early human development, and the links between genes and diseases, as well as the progress of cancer and other diseases with strong genetic basis. Manipulating genes and gene expression through genome editing enable us to understand the function of genes in human cell behavior, including the causes of their dysfunction in disease, and also provides directions for developing treatments to combat these defects.

CRISPR/Cas9 technology is revolutionizing the science of gene and genome editing. The rapid development of versatility of this gRNA-directed genome editing system opens up many ways to manipulate gene expression. The method of inducing gene knockout or knock-in in multiple ways in a variety of cell types, including human pluripotent stem cells, as well as in mice further expands the potential of CRISPR/Cas9 application. And these methods are simplifying functional studies of genes in cells and experimental animals such as yeast, fish, mice and many other animals in an unprecedented way. They are also used to study stem cell derivation and differentiation, provide basic insights related to regenerative medicine, and develop human disease models to promote understanding of disease processes. With the development and deployment of CRISPR-based systems for a variety of purposes, basic biomedical is rapidly evolving.

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