CRISPR-related Plasmids


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CRISPR-related Plasmids    

CRISPR is the most versatile technology for genome editing and is promoting the rapid development of biomedical technology in an unprecedented way. Efficient nucleic acid delivery is a critical step in the success of genome editing experiments. Therefore, scientists need to choose the most suitable carrier according to purpose of the experiment.

  • In vitro or in vivo studies
  • In vivo applications (i.e. as a gene therapy vector) have higher requirements for vectors. For example, a vector should be required to cause a minimal immune response, greater stability, and have the ability to target a particular tissue or cell type more accurately.

  • Size of the target gene
  • The genetic material that the viral vector can deliver is usually limited to its genome size. Non-viral vectors can carry larger gene fragments.

  • Target cell type
  • For hard-to-transfect cells (e.g. primary cells, neurons, stem cells, etc.), it’s better to choose a vector/virus that is easily transfected.

  • Transient or permanent expression
  • Certain vectors provide stable long-term transgene expression, while others can only be expressed in the short term. For example, many viral vectors can be integrated into the host's genome to establish permanent gene expression in target cells.

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