Gene Knockout Cell Line Generation


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Gene Knockout Cell Line Generation    

As one of leading providers in genome editing, CRISPR/Cas9 PlatformCB brings customers the most comprehensive gene knockout service. We are focusing on CRISPR technology development to serve customer with satisfied products and service. In terms of leading-edge platform, experienced scientists and skilled staff, we have succeeded in generating gene knockout cell line in multiple species, such as human cells, mouse cells, rat cells and monkey cells.

Gene is a DNA or RNA sequence that codes for a molecule that has a function. A chromosome consists of a long strand of DNA containing many genes. For example, a human chromosome can have up to 500 million base pairs of DNA with thousands of genes. In genetic study, gene knockout or overexpression are widely applied for function study. Since the development of CRISPR system, it becomes easier to get a gene knockout cell line or model for further research. Using CRISPR/Cas9 for gene knockout, an indel is introduced to the target loci that results in a frame shift mutation. When applied for gene knockout, sgRNA is designed to target the exons of gene. Then Cas9 will be recruited to the specific loci and induce DSB. Indels occur when repairing DNA double strand break in error-prone way.

CRISPR/Cas9 PlatformCB offers a gene knockout service for various cell lines, including easy-to-handle cells, tumor cells, stem cells and difficult-to-handle cells. Given that the unique of every case, we will provide a free consultation at the beginning. After submitting the information of gene and cell line, we will make a plan to assist you for your goals.

Work Flow

Basic Service

  • Custom Single Gene Knockout Cell Line
  • Multiplexed Gene Knockout Cell Line
  • Gene Knockout Pool Cells

Additional Services

  • Cell Line of Your Choice for Gene Editing
  • Additional Vials of Delivered Cells
  • Additional Clones
  • Off-Target Analysis by WGS/GUIDE-Seq
  • Western Blot Analysis of Knockout Cells
  • STR Profiling of Host Cell Line

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