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Custom CRISPRi sgRNA Vectors    

dCas9 can be fused with a gene repressor protein, the KRAB protein, to form a complex CRISPRi (CRISPR interference) that inhibits gene expression. dCas9-KRAB targeting to the promoter region causes steric hindrance that halts transcript elongation by RNA polymerase, resulting in the target gene being repressed. CRISPR-based gene interference provides an efficient and specific genome-targeting platform for transcriptional control without altering the target DNA sequence.

CRISPR/Cas9 PlatformCB provides a complete and powerful solution for CRISPR gene interference helping you to specifically suppress the expression of any gene. Our custom CRISPRi sgRNA vectors can be used on a variety of cells, including easy-to-transfect and difficult-to-transfect cells, covering the entire genome of humans, mice, and rats. Just send us the gene ID you are interested in, we will design, clone and provide this powerful technology for you.

Project strategy

Custom CRISPRi sgRNA VectorsSuhyung Cho. 2018

CRISPRi sgRNA vector services include

  • Consult our technicians and design your CRISPR-based gene interference protocol
  • CRISPRi target site selection
  • Design and clone multiple sgRNAs based on target genomic loci
  • Virus vector packaging
  • ➢ We offer a variety of sgRNA vector designs, including sgRNA only, sgRNA-dCas9-KRA
    ➢ We offer a variety of viral vectors (lentivirus, adenovirus, AVV)
    ➢ We offer TET-inducible or stable expression.

Vector details

ServiceMechanismsFlorescent tagResistance gene
CRISPRi sgRNA vectordCas9-KRAB systemGFP/RFP/mCherry, etc.Puromycin/ neomycin

Characteristics and advantages of CRISPRi

  • Efficient and specific suppress gene expression without altering the target DNA sequence.
  • Using several non-overlapping sgRNAs per gene can increase the suppression level to 99.9%, or using unmatched sgRNAs can reduce the suppression level.
  • As an exogenous system, CRISPRi does not compete with endogenous mechanisms such as microRNA expression or function.
  • Because CRISPRi works at the DNA level, it can target any transcripts such as non-coding RNA, microRNA, antisense transcripts, nuclear-localized RNA, and polymerase III transcripts.


  • Strong transcriptional repression in multiple cell lines
  • Functional genomics/target verification
  • Unbiased negative gene screening - Includes cell-based survival/proliferation, sensitivity to drugs or toxins, screening of fluorescent reporter genes, and single-cell transcriptome
  • Drug discovery and screening targets
  • Immunotherapy research

The CRISPR/Cas9 PlatformCB is a professional company dedicated to developing and optimizing CRISPR system application solutions for basic research, human disease research and drug discovery. Our work is based on a thorough understanding of the CRISPR system and years of experience in gene editing. We generate CRISPRi sgRNA vectors with the best quality and best price, and our unique technology ensures fast turnaround time. If you have any questions or requirements, don't hesitate to contact us.


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For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.