CRISPR Library Screening


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CRISPR Library Screening    

As a leader of CRISPR product manufacturer, Creative Biogene CRISPR/Cas9 Platform offers a comprehensive CRISPR library screening service and sgRNA library products for clients. With leading-edge technology and excellent platform, our experienced scientists are expert in CRISPR library screening. In order to fulfill different requirements, CRISPR/Cas9 PlatformCB has developed various gRNA libraries, such as human genome-wide knockout library, mouse genome-wide knockout library, pathway-related gRNA library, CRISPRa library and CRISPRi library. Custom gRNA library is welcome as well.

CRISPR library screening is a high-throughput screening method of important molecular targets. An efficient CRISPR screen starts with a well-designed sgRNA library targeting the genes or loci of interest. The sgRNA library presents in two forms, pool and array. Either pooled library or arrayed library conducted, it has good performance in screening. SgRNA are designed based on sequence and then synthesis followed by cloning to vector or transcribing into RNA for transfection in cell system. The transfected cells are detected for pre-set parameters and the results are analyzed at final. For different purpose, there are different detection assay.

Fig1. Workflow of CRISPR library screening

CRISPR/Cas9 PlatformCB provides a CRISPR library screening service for different purposes, including but not limited:

  • Drug targets screening
  • Drug-sensitive gene selection
  • Multi-gene drug targets screening
  • Phenotypic screening

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CCLV0003Human Kinase Lentiviral CRISPR Library738Inquiry
CCLV0004Human Phosphatase Lentiviral CRISPR Library265Inquiry
CCLV0005Human Kinase & Phosphatase Lentiviral CRISPR Library1003Inquiry
CCLV0006Human Cytokine Lentiviral CRISPR Library175Inquiry
CCLV0007Human Kinase & Phosphatase & Plasma Membrane Lentiviral CRISPR Library4255Inquiry
CCLV0008Human Enzyme Lentiviral CRISPR Library2948Inquiry
CCLV0009Human GPCR Lentiviral CRISPR Library692Inquiry
CCLV0010Human Growth Factor Lentiviral CRISPR Library131Inquiry
CCLV0011Human Ion Channel Lentiviral CRISPR Library337Inquiry
CCLV0012Human Ligand-dependent Nuclear Receptor Lentiviral CRISPR Library46Inquiry
CCLV0013Human Peptidase Lentiviral CRISPR Library530Inquiry
CCLV0014Human Transcription Regulator Lentiviral CRISPR Library1515Inquiry
CCLV0015Human Translation Regulator Lentiviral CRISPR Library103Inquiry
CCLV0016Human Transmembrane Receptor Lentiviral CRISPR Library354Inquiry
CCLV0017Human Transporter Lentiviral CRISPR Library1033Inquiry
CCLV0018Human Ubiquitin Lentiviral CRISPR Library438Inquiry
CCLV0019Human Epigenetics Lentiviral CRISPR Library209Inquiry
CCLV0020Human Druggable Target Lentiviral CRISPR Library2897Inquiry


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