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Official Full Name
syntaxin 4
Plasma membrane t-SNARE that mediates docking of transport vesicles. Necessary for the translocation of SLC2A4 from intracellular vesicles to the plasma membrane. Together with STXB3 and VAMP2, may also play a role in docking/fusion of intracellular GLUT4-containing vesicles with the cell surface in adipocytes (By similarity). May also play a role in docking of synaptic vesicles at presynaptic active zones.
STX4; syntaxin 4; STX4A, syntaxin 4A (placental); syntaxin-4; p35 2; NY REN 31 antigen; Renal carcinoma antigen NY REN 31; Renal carcinoma antigen NY-REN-31; STX4_HUMAN; STX4A; Syntaxin 4A; syntaxin 4A (placental); p35-2; STX4A, p35-2; zgc:56272; wu:fc08c10; si:dkey-220f10.3

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