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prkacb of Clones

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Cat#Product NameSize/FormSpeciesPrice
CDCB157171Mouse PRKACB ORF clone (NM_011100.3) ------MouseInquiry
CDCS409802Human PRKACB ORF Clone (BC016285) ------HumanInquiry
CDCS409803Human PRKACB ORF Clone (BC035058) ------HumanInquiry
CDCB160160Human PRKACB ORF clone (BC016285) ------HumanInquiry
CDCB192350Rabbit PRKACB ORF clone (XM_008264970.1) ------RabbitInquiry
CDCR240390Mouse Prkacb ORF Clone(NM_001164200.1) 10 ugMouseInquiry
CDCR250102Mouse Prkacb ORF Clone(NM_011100.4) 10 ugMouseInquiry
CDCR372065Rat Prkacb ORF Clone(NM_001077645.1) ------RatInquiry
CDCR283912Human PRKACB ORF Clone(NM_002731.2) 10 ugHumanInquiry
CDCR324922Human PRKACB ORF Clone(NM_182948.2) ------HumanInquiry
CDCR328220Human PRKACB ORF Clone(NM_207578.1) ------HumanInquiry
CDFG020585Mouse Prkacb cDNA Clone(NM_001164198.1) 10 ugMouseInquiry
CDFG020586Mouse Prkacb cDNA Clone(NM_001164199.1) 10 ugMouseInquiry
CDFG020589Mouse Prkacb cDNA Clone(NM_001164200.1) 10 ugMouseInquiry
CDFR004990Rat Prkacb cDNA Clone(NM_001077645.1) 10 ugRatInquiry
CDFG012287Human PRKACB cDNA Clone(NM_182948.2) 10 ugHumanInquiry
CDFG013885Human PRKACB cDNA Clone(NM_207578.1) 10 ugHumanInquiry
CDFH015096Human PRKACB cDNA Clone(NM_002731.2) 10 ugHumanInquiry
CDFH015097Human PRKACB cDNA Clone(NM_002731.2) 10 ugHumanInquiry
CDFH015098Human PRKACB cDNA Clone(NM_002731.2) 10 ugHumanInquiry
CDFH015099Human PRKACB cDNA Clone(NM_002731.2) 10 ugHumanInquiry
CDCH067742Mouse Prkacb ORF clone (NM_001164199.1) ------MouseInquiry
CDCH067744Mouse Prkacb ORF clone (NM_001164198.1) ------MouseInquiry
CDCH067756human PRKACB ORF clone (NM_001242862.1) ------HumanInquiry
CDCH067758human PRKACB ORF clone (NM_001242857.1) ------HumanInquiry
Cat#Product NameSize/FormSpeciesPrice
MiUTR1R-06048PRKACB miRNA 3'UTR clone 10 μg purified plasmidRatInquiry
MiUTR1H-08260PRKACB miRNA 3'UTR clone 10 μg purified plasmidHumanInquiry
MiUTR1H-08261PRKACB miRNA 3'UTR clone 10 μg purified plasmidHumanInquiry
MiUTR1H-08262PRKACB miRNA 3'UTR clone 10 μg purified plasmidHumanInquiry