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Official Full Name
phosphodiesterase 9A
Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases (PDEs) catalyse the hydrolytic inactivation of the common intracellular second messengers cyclic adenosine and guanosine 3, 5monophosphate (cAMP and cGMP). Thus, these enzymes play a critical role in the regulation of a wide range of physiological processes modulated by cyclic nucleotide signalling. The PDE10 enzyme belongs to a family of PDEs that hydrolyse both cAMP and cGMP
PDE9A; phosphodiesterase 9A; high affinity cGMP-specific 3,5-cyclic phosphodiesterase 9A; phosphodiesterase PDE9A21; CGMP-specific 3,5-cyclic phosphodiesterase type 9; HSPDE9A2; FLJ90181

Cat.No. Product Name Price
CDCB182001Rabbit PDE9A ORF clone (XM_008252660.1)Inquriy
CDCL147521Human PDE9A ORF clone (NM_001001575.1)Inquriy
CDCL147531Human PDE9A ORF clone (NM_001001568.1)Inquriy
CDCL147533Human PDE9A ORF clone (NM_001001569.1)Inquriy
CDCL147535Human PDE9A ORF clone (NM_001001570.1)Inquriy
CDCL147537Human PDE9A ORF clone (NM_001001571.1)Inquriy
CDCL147539Human PDE9A ORF clone (NM_001001574.1)Inquriy
CDCR240104Mouse Pde9a ORF Clone(NM_001163748.1)Inquriy
CDCR246159Mouse Pde9a ORF Clone(NM_008804.4)Inquriy
CDCR283597Human PDE9A ORF Clone(NM_002606.2)Inquriy
CDCR338328Human PDE9A ORF Clone(NM_001001567.1)Inquriy
CDCR338338Human PDE9A ORF Clone(NM_001001572.1)Inquriy
CDCR338340Human PDE9A ORF Clone(NM_001001573.1)Inquriy
CDCR338346Human PDE9A ORF Clone(NM_001001576.1)Inquriy
CDCR338348Human PDE9A ORF Clone(NM_001001577.1)Inquriy
CDCR338350Human PDE9A ORF Clone(NM_001001578.1)Inquriy
CDCR338352Human PDE9A ORF Clone(NM_001001579.1)Inquriy
CDCR338354Human PDE9A ORF Clone(NM_001001580.1)Inquriy
CDCR338356Human PDE9A ORF Clone(NM_001001581.1)Inquriy
CDCR338358Human PDE9A ORF Clone(NM_001001582.1)Inquriy
CDCR338360Human PDE9A ORF Clone(NM_001001583.1)Inquriy
CDCR338362Human PDE9A ORF Clone(NM_001001584.2)Inquriy
CDCR338364Human PDE9A ORF Clone(NM_001001585.1)Inquriy
CDCR381293Rat Pde9a ORF Clone(NM_138543.1)Inquriy
CDCS406093Human PDE9A ORF Clone (BC009047)Inquriy
CDFH013947Human PDE9A cDNA Clone(NM_001001575.1)Inquriy
CDFH013948Human PDE9A cDNA Clone(NM_001001578.1)Inquriy
CDFH013949Human PDE9A cDNA Clone(NM_001001580.1)Inquriy
CDFH013950Human PDE9A cDNA Clone(NM_001001577.1)Inquriy
CDFH013951Human PDE9A cDNA Clone(NM_001001582.1)Inquriy
CDFH013952Human PDE9A cDNA Clone(NM_001001583.1)Inquriy
CDFH013953Human PDE9A cDNA Clone(NM_001001579.1)Inquriy
CDFH013955Human PDE9A cDNA Clone(NM_001001581.1)Inquriy
CDFH013956Human PDE9A cDNA Clone(NM_001001585.1)Inquriy
CDFH013957Human PDE9A cDNA Clone(NM_001001567.1)Inquriy
CDFH013958Human PDE9A cDNA Clone(NM_001001569.1)Inquriy
CDFH013959Human PDE9A cDNA Clone(NM_001001570.1)Inquriy
CDFH013960Human PDE9A cDNA Clone(NM_001001568.1)Inquriy
CDFH013961Human PDE9A cDNA Clone(NM_001001572.1)Inquriy
CDFH013962Human PDE9A cDNA Clone(NM_001001571.1)Inquriy
CDFH013963Human PDE9A cDNA Clone(NM_001001573.1)Inquriy
CDFH013964Human PDE9A cDNA Clone(NM_001001574.1)Inquriy
CDFH013965Human PDE9A cDNA Clone(NM_001001576.1)Inquriy
CDFH013966Human PDE9A cDNA Clone(NM_002606.2)Inquriy
CDFR014246Rat Pde9a cDNA Clone(NM_138543.1)Inquriy
MiUTR1H-07720PDE9A miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-07721PDE9A miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-07722PDE9A miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-07723PDE9A miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-07724PDE9A miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-07725PDE9A miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-07726PDE9A miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-07727PDE9A miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-07728PDE9A miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-07729PDE9A miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-07730PDE9A miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-07731PDE9A miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-07732PDE9A miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-07733PDE9A miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1R-05721PDE9A miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR3H-05476PDE9A miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR3H-05477PDE9A miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR3H-05480PDE9A miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR3H-05485PDE9A miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR3H-05491PDE9A miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR3H-05492PDE9A miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
Cat.No. Product Name Price
CLOE-0790Human PDE9A Insect Cell LysateInquriy

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