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Official Full Name
nuclear receptor corepressor 2
SMRT is 1495 amino acids and contains an 8 amino acid sequence that is not present in SMRTe (SMRT-extended), which contains 2514 amino acids. SMRTe contains an N-terminal sequence spanning over 1,000 amino acids that is not present in SMRT, but that shows significant similarity with N-CoR. SMRTe expression is regulated during cell cycle progression, suggesting a role for SMRTe in the regulation of cycle-specific gene expression in diverse signaling pathways.
NCOR2; nuclear receptor corepressor 2; nuclear receptor co repressor 2; CTG26; SMRT; SMRTE; TNRC14; TRAC 1; CTG repeat protein 26; T3 receptor-associating factor; thyroid-, retinoic-acid-receptor-associated corepressor; silencing mediator for retinoid and thyroid hormone receptors; TRAC; TRAC1; N-CoR2; TRAC-1; SMAP270; SMRTE-tau; FLJ25011; gb:be017685; si:bz71m17.2; silencing mediator; thyroid hormone receptor; nuclear receptor co-repressor 2

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