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Official Full Name
mediator complex subunit 7
The activation of gene transcription is a multistep process that is triggered by factors that recognize transcriptional enhancer sites in DNA. These factors work with co-activators to direct transcriptional initiation by the RNA polymerase II apparatus. The protein encoded by this gene is a subunit of the CRSP (cofactor required for SP1 activation) complex, which, along with TFIID, is required for efficient activation by SP1. This protein is also a component of other multisubunit complexes e.g. thyroid hormone receptor-(TR-) associated proteins which interact with TR and facilitate TR function on DNA templates in conjunction with initiation factors and cofactors. Two transcript variants encoding the same protein have been found for this gene.
MED7; mediator complex subunit 7; cofactor required for Sp1 transcriptional activation, subunit 9, 33kDa , CRSP9; mediator of RNA polymerase II transcription subunit 7; CRSP33; Activator recruited cofactor 34 kDa component; ARC34; Cofactor required for Sp1 transcriptional activation subunit 9; MGC12284; RNA polymerase transcriptional regulation mediator subunit 7 homolog; Transcriptional coactivator CRSP33; hMED7; OTTHUMP00000160735; CRSP complex subunit 9; activator-recruited cofactor 34 kDa component; RNA; CRSP9; cofactor required for Sp1 transcriptional activation, subunit 9 (33kD); cofactor required for Sp1 transcriptional activation, subunit 9, 33kDa; zgc:56241; wu:fd99d12; cofactor required for Sp1 transcriptional activa