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Official Full Name
hypoxia up-regulated 1
The protein encoded by this gene belongs to the heat shock protein 70 family. This gene uses alternative transcription;start sites. A cis-acting segment found in the 5 UTR is involved in stress-dependent induction, resulting in the;accumulation of this protein in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) under hypoxic conditions. The protein encoded by this;gene is thought to play an important role in protein folding and secretion in the ER. Since suppression of the protein;is associated with accelerated apoptosis, it is also suggested to have an important cytoprotective role in;hypoxia-induced cellular perturbation. This protein has been shown to be up-regulated in tumors, especially in breast;tumors, and thus it is associated with tumor invasiveness. This gene also has an alternative translation initiation;site, resulting in a protein that lacks the N-terminal signal peptide. This signal peptide-lacking protein, which is;only 3 amino acids shorter than the mature protein in the ER, is thought to have a housekeeping function in the;cytosol. In rat, this protein localizes to both the ER by a carboxy-terminal peptide sequence and to mitochondria by;an amino-terminal targeting signal.
HYOU1; hypoxia up-regulated 1; hypoxia up-regulated protein 1; glucose regulated protein 170; Grp170; HSP12A; ORP150; glucose-regulated protein 170; 150 kDa oxygen-regulated protein; oxygen regulated protein (150kD); 170 kDa glucose-regulated protein; GRP; GRP-170; ORP-150; FLJ94899; FLJ97572; DKFZp686N08236; zgc:56019; id:ibd5056; wu:fd14c05