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Official Full Name
fibroblast growth factor receptor 2
The K-sam gene was cloned and identified as a fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR) 2 gene. K-sam generates several variant transcripts by alternative splicing, including those coding for soluble forms of the receptor. Among the K-sam cDNAs coding for the transmembrane types of the protein, two major variations have been identified; the alternative choice of the exons coding for the extracellular third immunoglobulin-like domain determines ligand specificity, and the carboxyl terminus variation apparently regulates growth and differentiation signals transduced by the K-sam molecules. In particular, one with the KGF-binding motif and a short carboxyl terminus showed not only higher transforming activity for NIH3T3 cells and higher mitogenic response to KGF in karatinocytes, but also greater resistance to induction of differentiation in L6 myoblasts than other K-sam variants. In the NIH3T3 transformants, the K-sam protein with the short carboxyl terminus showed a lower level of autophosphorylation. Expression of the K-sam protein is apparently correlated with the prognosis of poorly differentiated types of gastric cancers.
FGFR2; BEK; JWS; CEK3; CFD1; ECT1; KGFR; TK14; TK25; BFR-1; CD332; K-SAM; Crouzon syndrome; Pfeiffer syndrome; fibroblast growth factor receptor 2; OTTHUMP00000020623; Keratinocyte growth factor receptor; OTTHUMP00000020624; OTTHUMP00000020625; OTTHUMP00000020626; OTTHUMP00000020627; OTTHUMP00000020628; OTTHUMP00000020629; OTTHUMP00000020630; OTTHUMP00000020631; bacteria-expressed kinase; OTTHUMP00000020632; FGFR-2; BEK fibroblast growth factor receptor; FGF receptor; EC; hydroxyaryl-protein kinase; protein tyrosine kinase, receptor like 14; soluble FGFR4 variant 4; craniofacial dysostosis 1; Jackson-Weiss syndrome; KSAM; CD332 antigen; FLJ98662; EC 2.7.10; OTTHUMP00000020621; receptor tyrosine kinase; tyrosine kinase receptor CEK3; chicken tyrosine kinase (cek3); fc56c05; wu:fc56c05