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Official Full Name
endosulfine alpha
The protein encoded by this gene belongs to a highly conserved cAMP-regulated phosphoprotein (ARPP) family. This protein was identified as an endogenous ligand for the sulfonylurea receptor, ABCC8/SUR1. ABCC8 is the regulatory subunit of the ATP-sensitive potassium (KATP) channel, which is located on the plasma membrane of pancreatic beta cells and plays a key role in the control of insulin release from pancreatic beta cells. This protein is thought to be an endogenous regulator of KATP channels. In vitro studies have demonstrated that this protein modulates insulin secretion through the interaction with KATP channel, and this gene has been proposed as a candidate gene for type 2 diabetes. At least eight alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding distinct isoforms have been observed.
ENSA; endosulfine alpha; alpha-endosulfine; ARPP 19e; MGC4319; MGC8394; MGC78563; Alpha endosulfine; OTTHUMP00000032931; OTTHUMP00000032932; OTTHUMP00000034001; OTTHUMP00000034002; OTTHUMP00000034003; OTTHUMP00000034004; OTTHUMP00000034005; OTTHUMP00000034006; OTTHUMP00000218268; OTTHUMP00000218269; OTTHUMP00000218272; ARPP-19e; RP11-54A4.10-004, ARPP-19e, MGC4319, MGC78563, MGC8394, ENSA

Cat.No. Product Name Price
CLKO-0937ENSA KO Cell Lysate-HEK293TInquriy
Cat.No. Product Name Price
CDCB159182Human ENSA ORF clone (BC000436)Inquriy
CDCB162229Chicken ENSA ORF Clone (NM_001007965)Inquriy
CDCB182839Rabbit ENSA ORF clone (XM_002715583.2)Inquriy
CDCR060468Mouse Ensa ORF clone (NM_001026212.1)Inquriy
CDCR060474Human ENSA ORF clone (NM_207045.1)Inquriy
CDCR060476Human ENSA ORF clone (NM_207046.1)Inquriy
CDCR060478Human ENSA ORF clone (NM_207047.1)Inquriy
CDCR060480Human ENSA ORF clone (NM_207043.1)Inquriy
CDCR060482Human ENSA ORF clone (NM_207042.1)Inquriy
CDCR060484Human ENSA ORF clone (NM_207168.1)Inquriy
CDCR254036Mouse Ensa ORF Clone(NM_019561.2)Inquriy
CDCR288005Human ENSA ORF Clone(NM_004436.2)Inquriy
CDCR327854Human ENSA ORF Clone(NM_207044.1)Inquriy
CDCR371341Rat Ensa ORF Clone(NM_001033974.1)Inquriy
CDCR378836Rat Ensa ORF Clone(NM_021842.2)Inquriy
CDCS411778Human ENSA ORF Clone (BC000436)Inquriy
CDCS411779Human ENSA ORF Clone (BC068544)Inquriy
CDCS411780Human ENSA ORF Clone (BC069208)Inquriy
CDFG013734Human ENSA cDNA Clone(NM_207042.1)Inquriy
CDFG013736Human ENSA cDNA Clone(NM_207043.1)Inquriy
CDFG013737Human ENSA cDNA Clone(NM_207044.1)Inquriy
CDFG013738Human ENSA cDNA Clone(NM_207045.1)Inquriy
CDFG013739Human ENSA cDNA Clone(NM_207046.1)Inquriy
CDFG013740Human ENSA cDNA Clone(NM_207047.1)Inquriy
CDFG013759Human ENSA cDNA Clone(NM_207168.1)Inquriy
CDFH005934Human ENSA cDNA Clone(NM_004436.2)Inquriy
CDFL004149Mouse Ensa cDNA Clone(NM_019561.2)Inquriy
CDFR004311Rat Ensa cDNA Clone(NM_001033974.1)Inquriy
CDFR011822Rat Ensa cDNA Clone(NM_021842.2)Inquriy
MiUTR1H-03233ENSA miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-03234ENSA miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-03235ENSA miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-03236ENSA miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-03237ENSA miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-03238ENSA miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-03239ENSA miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1H-03240ENSA miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1M-04408ENSA miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1M-04409ENSA miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1R-01738ENSA miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy
MiUTR1R-01739ENSA miRNA 3'UTR cloneInquriy

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