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Official Full Name
Ephrin type-B receptor 2 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the EPHB2 gene. Ephrin receptors and their ligands, the ephrins, mediate numerous developmental processes, particularly in the nervous system. Based on their structures and sequence relationships, ephrins are divided into the ephrin-A (EFNA) class, which are anchored to the membrane by a glycosylphosphatidylinositol linkage, and the ephrin-B (EFNB) class, which are transmembrane proteins. The Eph family of receptors are divided into 2 groups based on the similarity of their extracellular domain sequences and their affinities for binding ephrin-A and ephrin-B ligands. Ephrin receptors make up the largest subgroup of the receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) family. The protein encoded by this gene is a receptor for ephrin-B family members.
EPHB2; EPH receptor B2; DRT; EK5; ERK; CAPB; Hek5; PCBC; EPHT3; Tyro5; MGC87492; ephrin type-B receptor 2; EPH-like kinase 5; eph tyrosine kinase 3; elk-related tyrosine kinase; protein-tyrosine kinase HEK5; tyrosine-protein kinase TYRO5; renal carcinoma antigen NY-REN-47; tyrosine-protein kinase receptor EPH-3; developmentally-regulated Eph-related tyrosine kinase; EC=; EFN B2; EFNB 2; EFNB2; Eph related receptor tyrosine kinase ligand 5; EPH-related receptor tyrosine kinase ligand 5; Ephrin-B2; EphrinB2; EPLG 5; EPLG5; Htk L; HTK ligand; HTK-L; HTKL; LERK 5; LERK-5; LERK5; Ligand of eph related kinase 5 antibody; MGC126226; MGC126227; MGC126228; OTTMUSP00000024973; ELF-2; NLERK-1; ligand of eph related kinase 5; ligand of eph-related kinase 5