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Official Full Name
COP9 signalosome subunit 8
The protein encoded by this gene is one of the eight subunits of COP9 signalosome, a highly conserved protein complex that functions as an important regulator in multiple signaling pathways. The structure and function of COP9 signalosome is similar to that of the 19S regulatory particle of 26S proteasome. COP9 signalosome has been shown to interact with SCF-type E3 ubiquitin ligases and act as a positive regulator of E3 ubiquitin ligases. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding distinct isoforms have been observed. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]
COPS8; COP9 signalosome subunit 8; COP9; CSN8; SGN8; COP9 signalosome complex subunit 8; hCOP9; COP9 homolog; signalosome subunit 8; JAB1-containing signalosome subunit 8; COP9 constitutive photomorphogenic homolog subunit 8; COP9 constitutive photomorphogenic homolog subunit 8 (Arabidopsis); MGC1297; MGC43256; zgc:56319; zgc:86840

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