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Official Full Name
CDC42 binding protein kinase alpha (DMPK-like)
The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the Serine/Threonine protein kinase family. This kinase contains multiple functional domains. Its kinase domain is highly similar to that of the myotonic dystrophy protein kinase (DMPK). This kinase also contains a Rac interactive binding (CRIB) domain, and has been shown to bind CDC42. It may function as a CDC42 downstream effector mediating CDC42 induced peripheral actin formation, and promoting cytoskeletal reorganization. Multiple alternatively spliced transcript variants have been described, and the full-length nature of two of them has been reported.
CDC42BPA; CDC42 binding protein kinase alpha (DMPK-like); CDC42 binding protein kinase alpha (DMPK like); serine/threonine-protein kinase MRCK alpha; FLJ23347; KIAA0451; MRCK; MRCKA; PK428; DKFZp686P1738; MGC189823; A930014J19Rik; CDC42 binding protein kinase alpha; CDC42 binding protein kinase alpha dmpk like; CDC42 binding protein kinase beta; CDC42-binding protein kinase alpha; DKFZp686L1738; DMPK like; DMPK-like alpha; MRCK alpha; MRCKA_HUMAN; Myotonic dystrophy kinase related CDC42 binding protein kinase alpha; Myotonic dystrophy kinase-related CDC42-binding kinase alpha; Myotonic dystrophy protein kinase-like alpha; OTTHUMP00000035727; OTTHUMP00000035728; OTTHUMP00000035729; OTTHUMP00000035730; RP5-1087E8.4; Ser thr protein kinase PK428; Ser thr protein kinase related to the myotonic dystrophy protein kinase; Serine/threonine protein kinase MRCK alpha; ser-thr protein kinase PK428; CDC42 binidng protein kinase beta; C