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Official Full Name
chaperonin containing TCP1, subunit 6A (zeta 1)
The protein encoded by this gene is a molecular chaperone that is a member of the chaperonin containing TCP1 complex (CCT), also known as the TCP1 ring complex (TRiC). This complex consists of two identical stacked rings, each containing eight different proteins. Unfolded polypeptides enter the central cavity of the complex and are folded in an ATP-dependent manner. The complex folds various proteins, including actin and tubulin. Alternate transcriptional splice variants of this gene, encoding different isoforms, have been characterized. In addition, several pseudogenes of this gene have been located.
CCT6A; chaperonin containing TCP1, subunit 6A (zeta 1); CCT6; T-complex protein 1 subunit zeta; Cctz; HTR3; TCP20; TCPZ; TTCP20; Acute morphine dependence related protein 2; Amino acid transport defect complementing; CCT zeta 1; CCT zeta; Chaperonin containing T complex subunit 6; Chaperonin containing TCP1 subunit 6A; Chaperonin containing TCP1 subunit 6A (zeta 1); Histidine transport regulator 3; MGC126214; MGC126215; MoDP 2; MoDP2; T complex protein 1 subunit zeta; T complex protein 1 zeta subunit; TCP 1 zeta; TCP1 zeta; T-complex protein 1, zeta subunit; amino acid transport defect-complementing; chaperonin containing T-complex subunit 6; acute morphine dependence-related protein 2; MoDP-2; CCT-zeta; CCT-zeta-1; TCP-1-zeta; fa95c01; wu:fa95c01; CCT6B